World Journalism Education Congress (WJEC) 2007

World Journalism Education Congress (WJEC) 2007 logoThe first such gathering of journalism educators is taking place next week, in Singapore. It should prove an interesting gathering — with scope for some great discussions with those involved in teaching journalism from all over the world.

There is potential for some intriguing culture clashes (intercultural exchanges?), reflecting not only the different approaches to journalism in different countries but also how it is taught and learned. For each country, I suspect these approaches are influenced by the practice of journalism, of course — plus the tradition of training, education and recruitment in the industry or profession (there’s another debate — ‘sector’ might be more neutral), and the educational system(s) involved. Plus a few other factors…

The WJEC programme (pdf here) lists the many papers and sessions scheduled. It looks like an intensive week!

I’m contributing to a ‘best practices’ teaching workshop with the theme ‘Teaching Journalists in an Age of Ambiguity’ — discussing how I’ve been using a blog to encourage journalism students to engage in critical reflection — and presenting a research paper on formative feedback to journalism students.

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