Andrew MacKay MP told local paper ‘nothing in expenses stood out’

Spot the contrast:

Andrew MacKay tells his local paper:

I have checked through all my expense claims over the past four years and there is nothing that stands out – I am confident there is nothing unreasonable in there at all.

Andrew MacKay resigns as Cameron’s aide, the BBC reporting that:

he now realised the arrangement did not pass Mr Cameron’s “reasonableness” test and he felt it was “wrong” to remain in his position.

Does it come down to what is “reasonable”?

Mr MacKay and his wife claimed second homes allowances on two separate properties, with Mr MacKay saying they had done so “for eight or nine years”.


  1. Hi Jonathan, just noticed this blog post. I actually commute every day from Bracknell, and McKay is my local MP. I find it interesting that he’s chosen to step down as a parliamentary aide, but still feels able to carry on as an MP.

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