Missing bookmarks and links from your delicious network? Recover them using RSS

Delicious.com has killed its network — the social in social bookmarking — since its relaunch by AVOS. Well, put it in cold storage, at least.  But you can revive it yourself — to some extent — thanks to the power of RSS.

The network still seems to be operating, and you can see the links that people in your network are tagging (a key feature, for me, of the ‘old’ delicious) by subscribing to the RSS feed for what used to be a page.

Use this format, replacing ‘username’ with your own delicious username:


That should pull in the last 20 links from your network. Subscribe to the RSS feed in Google Reader or another RSS feed reader, and it should keep you updated.

But AVOS/delicious — lots of people would still like the network functions back on the site SOON!

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