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Tweeting headlines for breaking news

Getting breaking news out quickly but also accurately has long been a key challenge for news journalism. Given the volume of news items that some news organisations publish on their Twitter feeds, and the time pressures involved — particularly for … Continue reading

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Are data journalism and online engagement coming of age?

It’s more complicated than a one-word answer, of course, but data and online community work (developing communities and engaging users) seem to be moving from niche ‘extras’ to core essentials in much of journalism. The word ‘data’ has been creeping … Continue reading

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Andrew MacKay MP told local paper ‘nothing in expenses stood out’

Spot the contrast: Andrew MacKay tells his local paper: I have checked through all my expense claims over the past four years and there is nothing that stands out – I am confident there is nothing unreasonable in there at … Continue reading

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Why journalists failed to predict the banking crisis

The developments that led to the current banking crisis seem to have been incremental, took place over a number of years, and together affected the whole system. Is that why journalists failed to see its demise? I wonder about the … Continue reading

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Liverpool Daily Post liveblogs Rhys Jones trial and banking crisis

It’s nearly a live broadcast of the trial — an impressive exercise in liveblogging by the Post (below), particularly given the legal restrictions on court reporting with which the paper’s reporters and editors have to comply. Reporter Ben Rossington seems … Continue reading

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Nick Robinson: ‘I got too close to government in reporting Iraq’

The BBC’s political editor regrets: The biggest self-criticism I have was [that] I got too close to government in the reporting of the Iraq war. I didn’t do enough to go away and say ‘well hold on, what about the … Continue reading

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The news about Robert Peston: meta-reporting?

Update: Michael Howard has asked the FSA to investigate the alleged leaking to Peston/the BBC of sensitive information about the bank rescue package, reports Guido Fawkes. —– The BBC’s business editor is becoming the news, and not just as in … Continue reading

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Is crowd-sourcing edging into mainstream journalism — or is it just an online survey?

How far did asking readers for their input help Jay Rayner with his Observer article on genetically modified foods, published last Sunday? He found it a mixed bag — and a lot more work, he says. It involved digesting hundreds … Continue reading

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Taking Twitter reporting to the edge

The latest reporting use of Twitter that’s caught my eye is to cover a funeral, as undertaken (wordplay intended) by the Rocky Mountain News. I make it 28 Tweets in just over 90 minutes — “pallbearers carry out coffin followed … Continue reading

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Geographic news filter goes live: Holovaty’s EveryBlock

Fascinating to see EveryBlock up and running, filtering material from databases, news articles, Flickr, blogs etc by neighbourhood and zip code. It launched yesterday for Chicago, New York and San Francisco. From my first quick look, building permits, crime reports … Continue reading

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