Online tools aid coverage of Heathrow crash

Google, YouTube, Wikipedia and a flight simulator PC game helped Rory Cellan-Jones cover this story for the BBC. Responding to comments on this blog post, he emphasises that:

I’m talking about extra help from technology, but that does not mean the old-fashioned journalistic skills go out of the window

Cellan-Jones then goes on to argue that:

We tend to romanticise the good old days when a journalist had nothing but a notebook, some decent contacts, and a plausible manner, but I think the competition is more intense now. My point is that the instant access to information and pictures makes every story move far more quickly. If you refuse to use the new tools – as well as the old ones – then you will be left behind.

Well said, whether directed to established reporters or student journalists.

Via Martin Stabe on Fleet Street 2.0.